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I perform femininity

I perform Femininity. (As well as Sporty, Casual, and Trendy. But these are not so political.)

I can be a bit of a chameleon* and like to perform. Femininity is a conscious construction, generally consisting of mascara and eyeshadow, heels, and a skirt or dress.

The Fat Nutritionist calls this "Beauty Drag". And she is much better at Pretty than I, I'm sure. I don't actually put tons of effort in.

And of course, "perform" implies an audience. I think mine is mostly for myself, though I like feeling that I may be perceived as Looking Good to others.

I also perform in the arena of sex. I enjoy being desired, and to that end I disseminate images of myself from cheesecake to hardcore. This is actively objectifying myself!

What can I say about that? I won't make any excuses. I understand that these aren't feminist acts.

But I enjoy it. I like to perform. I do think that this is how humanity tends to work; we present images of ourselves. You're necessarily making a statement, no matter what you do. Nor do I think there's a code that, if followed, means you are a Real Feminist.

I'm okay with performing. I do it the way I want to, which often is not the way it's "supposed" to be.

*Give me an office job and watch me start to build a wardrobe of suits, skirts and heels. Give me a job in the attic of a historical house and watch me start buying capris and t-shirts. It would be fascinating to see what I'd start wearing if I worked at Aritzia. I promise it wouldn't be tights and a large plaid shirt though.


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