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I argue with people on Facebook walls

I am so annoyed by the mansplaining I'm making a post out of it, just so it doesn't disappear into the mansplainin' ether.

It started with this link, about whiny feminists whining about there not being fat chicks in magazines, or whatever.  HUMOUROUS!

My sarcastic comment:
It's true, feminism is a limited product and can only be used for so many things at once. Just because of this, there are issues about women's rights in India being totally disregarded! Wait, she disregarded them too. Why is she worrying about Australian problems when there are so much worse?

Reply from someone else (the actual linker hasn't participated in internet fighting except for his attestation with the link that it is HUMOUROUS!):

Well, feminism might not be a limited product, but people only have limited free time and attention spans, and burying core feminist positions under a lot of what would seem to be peripheral issues seems counterproductive to me. Maybe I'm not sophisticated^ enough.

It's always going to be considered a peripheral issue to someone.

And you sure it is a peripheral issue, or perhaps one part of the bigger picture?

Depends on what you are referring to by "it" I guess.

Well, no, that's the point. Anything is a peripheral issue, if you decide it is. There's always something worse out there, except maybe the heat death of the universe, that might be the end point.

So, why even CARE about women???? The heat death of the universe is just going to annihilate them and their stupid fat asses anyway!

Okay, which is more important--the right to vote, drive cars, go out without putting on a sack and gender equality under the frikking law in general, or equal representation for various body weights in glossy magazines? Or is that question completely relativistic to most people? Not to me.

What's more important, the right to vote, or rape? Clearly rape is worse!

My point is that ranking it is ridiculous. It's all important. Because it's all related! Women as objects in magazines, objects without the vote, objects being raped, objects being forced to wear a sack.

I'm just a crazy feminist, worrying about silly magazines and things. La la la la.

I don't believe it is one large conspiracy and I do believe that ranking these things is necessary. An isolated incident of rape awaiting due police investigation in a Western country bothers me much less than women denied the vote in a middle eastern country.

Really? Yikes.
Well, then you'd better educate us, far-sighted man. Your wondrous ability to rank the badness of issues is clearly needed. Please inform feminists forthwith of what we are allowed to be concerned with. Thanking you in advance.


"I read post-modern deconstructions of evil patriarchal scientific meta-narratives of modern life, or whatever, and think, are these people really so parochial and clueless? Clueless because I see that the men in any ad is handsomer than I am, but I don't see how that is an indicator of institutionalized matriarchal attitudes. Parochial because there are other, perhaps more pressing issues vying for the same limited space in a newspaper. Can it be that feminism has given in to the Capitalist "patriarchal" mercenary-ism and is producing feel-good crap to pay their domestic bills? Maybe I'm the one who's clueless. Maybe not."


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Apr. 19th, 2010 12:43 am (UTC)
it's important to prioritize the concessions. we can't give up all our power all at once. :P
Apr. 19th, 2010 09:55 pm (UTC)
It's moved into private messages, I haven't read the latest because my head might explode.

My last reply HAD A LOT OF CAPS and a fair amount of SWEAR WORDS.
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